At LPD the creative process is driven by an aim to produce work that is engaging, authentic, unique and robust. In order to achieve successful communication outcomes for our clients, in an environment already overloaded with visual stimuli, the design of information must be meaningful, credible and memorable. LPD engages design excellence in a collaborative process to deliver results that are innovative, practical, functional and economical.


From analysis to activation the focus of our studio is to work closely with you to develop fresh ideas that get your audience engaged and motivated. LPD produces designs that define identity and personality, create distinction and establish desired relationships and connections. The communication of information is researched and delivered with accuracy, clarity and understanding, through an integrated visual language that is consistent and sustainable.


With 30 years experience in the industry, LPD’s expertise lies in the following disciplines:

Branding   Magazines   Publication   Advertising   Packaging   Exhibition 


                             harnessing the power of design

                 to transform your business

                                           from ordinary to extraordinary