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power of design 
to transform your business
                      from ordinary
        to extraordinary


I have always been excited about design. It is seductive in its ability to create emotion and spur you to action using just creativity and imagination. It is full of dichotomies. It can be beautiful or ugly, accessible or challenging and serious or fun. But always, good design is engaging and memorable. For over 30 years, It is these qualities that have driven LPD's creative visions.


We are overloaded with visual stimuli both in our environment and on our screens. So in order to stand out, the design of information must be authentic and robust. When establishing branding and identity consumers need to recognise it, remember it and engage with it.  

And ultimately they need to feel good about themselves when they interact with it. From analysis to activation, we work closely with you to develop fresh ideas that make your heart sing. We produce designs that define identity and personality, create distinction and establish desired relationships and connections. The communication of information is researched and delivered with clarity and understanding through an integrated visual language that is consistent and sustainable. In order to do this we engage design excellence in a collaborative

process, employing photographers, illustrators and specialists when required.

So if your desire is to

create something extraordinary,

get in touch to realise

the power of design.

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