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Travel Avenue has been providing expert travel advice in Melbourne's south since 1988. It is a well loved business in the local area, their success stemming from extensive travel knowledge and experience. Their specialty is Italy with a focus on individual attention to customised travel. Along with the need to create an identity for their newly developed brand 'The Individual Traveller', the Agency also commissioned a re-branding of their current identity, which was about 20 years old. It was important to reflect the Agency's tradition, experience and longevity in this new identity. Hence, their three brands were linked visually with a set of icons reminiscent of vintage luggage labels, that tell a story about the sort of journey their customers might make. The graphics are retro but the colours and treatments are fresh and bright. The new branding was applied to all forms of stationery, ticket wallets and signage and a unique customer 'Just in Case' travel kit was created as a unique and memorable thankyou for high end spends.



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